What is a Micro-trend?

During our experience in consumer observation and market monitoring, we have seen a close relationship between the lifecycles of a product on the market, and the phases that suffer from being a trend, in economic terms.

Based on this constant work of observation and pattern detection, DOT TrendCards are a tool to identify incipient micro-trends, to identify the trendsetting companies or individuals and their geographical range of activities, to anticipate them and take a pioneering and innovative stance.


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What you will find at DOT Trend Cards?

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Trendsetter organisations, brands or people
Geographical area of the trend and its scope
Trend description
Related material with the trend
It is imperative to understand the global root that describes a pattern of behaviour for geographically delocalized consumers. Mega Trends are descriptions of emerging scenarios where people live and interact with companies.
A claim by a group of individuals about lifestyle influences practically all their consumer behaviours, with this lifestyle being an intergenerational legacy. Studying and understanding the ideals, role models and aspirations of a targeted consumer provides companies with the necessary tools to respond to these needs. Within this process of approaching an individual (Social Trends -> Consumer Lifestyle), the cycle periods of these tendencies are significantly reduced, with new and interesting lifestyles constantly being redefined.
Design trends evaluate the nature and specifications of products and services that give access to new lifestyles. Detecting and applying new design trends at an early stage is especially important, given the high frequency with which new options are presented to the market. For companies, the study of trends is a lever for innovation, the development of new business models, and aligning the company with its consumers.

How to use them?

Updated designers

TrendCards can help you to streamline product conceptualization processes, finding future design lines.

Changemaker Organizations

TrendCards can help you understand future markets, get to know TrendSetting companies, and define a design strategy for your products.

Curious Trendwatchers

TrendCards is a source of creative inspiration, an online community in which you can collaborate.